Our HVAC Business Philosophy

Who’s the head of your business?

If you’re like most people, you immediately thought of the person that owns the business. While they may be the owner, they certainly aren’t the HEAD of the business.

For the purpose of this lesson, let’s say that the company owners and leaders are the foundation upon which the business is built.

Ask any owner and they’ll easily admit that the CUSTOMER is the head of their business. Why? Because without customers, they’d have no business at all!

Look through the customer's eyes

As long as everyone on the team looks through the eyes of the customer and provides the products and services that the customer needs, wants, and, most importantly, deserves, the company can achieve the three most important goals in any business…

First, they’ll put a smile on the customer’s face. This is a critical first step. If you don’t get the customer smiling and bragging on the WOW experience your team delivers, it won’t be easy to achieve the second and third goals.

The second goal is to earn a premium price for a premium product – and get paid in full and on time. Think about the difference between a craftsman and a handyman or a tradesman. A craftsman commands a greater price because their product is of greater value. Craftsman pay is much better than handyman pay!

The third goal is to grow the business through a steady stream of referrals, testimonials, and positive online reviews.



What a great business plan, right?

Can you imagine how much more fun and profitable your business would be if you only worked with happy, loyal customers and their referrals?

Can you now see why it’s so important to make your customer smile each and every time you interact with them?

We have to recognize that the CASH the customer pays us is the lifeblood of our company. Your body will die with poor blood flow and your business will die with poor cash flow!

We work in a pretty technical industry don’t we. We service and install HVAC systems. When we speak to customers using super technical terms or acronyms like SEER, AFUE, HSPF, CFM and the like, we aren’t making them smile. How would you feel if you were speaking to a service provider and they were talking to you in a foreign language that you didn’t understand?

To make it easy for customers to understand what we are saying, we must insulate them from the technical terms through our sales and marketing efforts. If we talk about what our products and services will actually “DO” for the customer rather than how it “WORKS”, they’d be much happier, and you’d sell more jobs.

So, how do we consistently achieve this goal of smiling customers paying a premium price for our premium products and helping us grow our business through referrals?

Well let’s look at it a little further…



Every touch matters

We touch our customers in three specific ways.

First, our service and maintenance techs touch more customers face to face than anyone else in the business.

Second, our installers see fewer customers, but they spend lots more time in their homes.

The third group that regularly touches customers are the folks that answer the phones and the folks that run sales calls. We’ll call that group our REPS.

So our service techs, install crews, sales reps and customer service reps are typically how we touch our customers. They must all work together as a team to keep a smile on the customer’s face.



Standing firm through quality and integrity

If your company is going to stay in business over the long haul, it must stand on two principles – QUALITY and INTEGRITY. Your company must do what you say with a high degree of quality or you will eventually fail.

Like I said earlier, the owners and leaders are the foundation upon which the entire company is built. They must define and demonstrate their commitment to quality and integrity because the rest of the team is watching and following their lead. Owner’s and leaders must empower and equip their team with the tools and training they need to be successful in the position for which they are being paid.

If a customer isn’t smiling, the leaders must figure out if they have a “process failure” or a “people failure” then take immediate corrective action to get a smile back on the customer’s face. With a commitment like that, it's much easier to build the business organically.



Growing your business organically

People grow through a natural progression in any business.

Everyone starts out as a prospect that has not spent any money yet.

When they buy from you once, they’re now a customer.

If they buy from you several times, they’re considered a client.

If they buy from you forever, they’re a partner in your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your customers were at “partner” level, paying a premium price for your premium products while happily helping you grow your business through a steady stream of referrals?

You can build a business like that and live that dream, but it won’t happen by accident. You must be intentional and you must work a plan designed to achieve your dreams.



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